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Letters from the Freak Show

Bleach Free!
28 August 1986
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 On May 7th, leave the trousers behind.

Things that I want to do before I die
In no particular order...

1. Record my own CD
2. Defile a building
3. Spit in someones food before giving it to them
4. Tour Europe
5. Go to a play in London
6. Drink Italian wine...in Italy
7. Learn to skateboard
8. Be in a movie
9. Blow a large amount of money on something stupid
10. Surf Mavericks
11. Bartend
12. Swim with dolphins
13. Swim with sharks

14. Adopt a child (or two)
15. Own a pet skunk
16. Publish one of my writings
17. Watch the sun rise in Nice with a man named Jean-Pierre who doesn't speak any English
18. Hike through the Highlands in Scotland
19. Get my MA in English
20. Break down and scream at someone
21. Change my name
22. Dye my hair blue
23. Go skinny dipping--in someone elses pool--without their knowledge
24. Bungee jump in New Zealand
25. Discuss theology with a Shaman in Fiji
26. Pierce my nose
27. Sell one of my paintings
28. Quit smoking
29. Grow a pot plant in my backyard
30. Burn an American Flag
31. Grow my hair to my knees
32. Then put it into dredlocks.
33. Become a BlackJack dealer
34. Put on a fancy dinner party
35. Then start a food fight
36. Go back to Nassau
37. And see if George is still alive
38. Have sex in the back seat of a Cadillac
39. Adopt a highway
40. Paint a mural on MY highway
41. Get piss drunk and tell my mom off
42. Dress like a man and see if I can get away with it.
43. Stand in the middle of a desert and scream my lungs out.
44. Break a heart.
45. Make my own brand of cigarettes
46. Be part of a violent riot
47. Learn the Harmonica
48. Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans
49. Go to Carnivale
50. Look very hungry and homeless, go to a nice resturaunt with big windows and watch people eat just to make them nervous
51. Learn sign language and be deaf for a day.

52. Buy a Motorcycle
53. Ride said motorcycle through Nevada
54. Watch a volcano eruption
55. Pet a buffalo
56. Visit a town called Fairview
57. Kiss the Blarney Stone

I adopted a cute little pirate fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!